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Top 5 Pokémon Go Accessories


Pokémon Go is an augmented reality (AR) mobile game that has become a global sensation. It has taken millions of users by storm, and gaming geeks have become addicted to it. According to a survey, the game still has 5 million active users around the world, which depicts the popularity of the game. If you have not explored the world of Pokémon yet, then now is the time for you to take up a fantastic journey. All you need to do is download the game, wear your shoes and roam around your streets to pick up a Pikachu and add it up in your Pokedex.

The game is easy to start by amateurs but challenging enough to make pros scratch their head. It needs a lot of patience and nerves to master the game.

Pokémon Go is great as a game on its own. However, accessories spice up the game. The game becomes much better when you pair it with accessories. Whether you want to catch Pokémon, spin Pokémon stops quickly, hatch eggs faster, recharge as you go, accessories simply level up your game.

Top 5 Pokémon Go Accessories:

To have a thrilling game journey, you should equip yourself with accessories. This guide has highlighted the top 5 accessories one should have to step up the game.

Go-Tcha Evolve LED-Touch Wristband


The new Pokémon Go Go-tcha Evolve LED-Touch Wristband comes in a stylish, elegant, and attractive design, which will surely turn heads towards you. The decent-looking black straps complemented with red and grey color simply look amazing. The company aims to release them in blue and green colors in 2020.

The Auto-spin and auto-catch modes enable the player to catch Pokemons without even looking at their screen. Additionally, it consists of a vibration feature with this auto-spin mode, which signals the capture of a Pokémon.

It has simplified catching a variety of items with its Auto on/off mode, which means you do not have to press buttons to catch things. This wristband with brand new colors and versatile animations is appropriate to be used by all players older than eight years old. It displays a variety of statistics on the screen and even indicates the battery of the device. It has a built-in USB charging port, which quickly charges it in just 90 minutes.

The wristband has a flashing light, a real-time clock, which keeps you aware of the time. It also comprises a Pedometer fitness tracker that counts your steps and takes care of your fitness and health.  The wristband is multi-lingual, portraying that you can set any language with which you are comfortable.

It is compatible with multiple iOS and Android devices and can be installed on newer devices as well. This makes it an ideal accessory to pair with your game.

  • Great battery life
  • Quicker catching rate
  • Vibration is weak

Pokémon Go Plus

This smart wristband connects with your smartphone via Bluetooth. It is a sharp device that keeps you updated about the events and situations of the game while you are away from your smartphone. This means you can be in touch with your game while you are on the go.

It notifies about the happenings of the game with the help of Led light and vibration. It starts to blink and vibrate whenever you are nearby a PokeStop. If you press the Pokémon Go Plus button, then it will begin searching for items at the PokeStop. If it finds any item present over there, it will quickly include those items in your inventory.

Similarly, whenever it spots a Pokémon nearby, the Led light flashes green and begins to vibrate. If it’s close and you want to catch it, you will have to press the Pokémon Go Plus button to throw a Poke ball. The light will again flash and vibrate, which indicates the capture of a Pokémon.

Pokémon Go Plus is compatible with all iOS and Android devices except for those Android devices that use the Intel Atom processor.

  • Easy to use
  • Great way to hatch eggs
  • Excellent for hardcore Go players
  • Low visibility in sunlight
  • The battery needs replacement

Poké Ball Plus

This lightweight ball-shaped accessory created by Nintendo helps you in bringing the thrill and adventure of your game into this real world. Poke Ball Plus is a must-have for every player to catch their Pokémon and store it. With the help of this fantastic accessory, you can move, battle, and navigate through various menus.

If your friend also owns a Poke Ball Plus, you can help him/her in catching Pokémon, which enables you to battle alongside your friend. By doing so, you turn it into a two-player game and multiply the fun!

It features motion control capability so you can catch any wild Pokémon by moving your Poke Ball Plus in a way that symbolizes throwing. It consists of all the exciting features such as sound and light that augments your gaming experience and is a perfect companion for your actions. Whenever you catch a Pokémon, the Poke Ball Plus lights up and vibrates.

If you are out somewhere, then by gently shaking it, you can listen to the cry of a Pokémon. This makes you feel like you have a Pokémon inside your Poke Ball. It comprises a distinct Pokémon mew. A sweet mew which you would not find in any other accessory of the Pokémon game series.

To use the Poke Ball Plus, you need to install the Pokémon Go app on a compatible smartphone, and then you are good to go to play your game.

  • Highly responsive
  • Wonderfully tactile
  • Includes pleasing mew
  • Does not have all the buttons of joy-con
  • The white part gets dirty

Go-Tcha LED Touch Screen Wristband

This accessory is the next-level wristband that you can use with your game as it is ultra-convenient to use and is one of the comfiest accessories. It is sleek and narrower than other wrist bands. It has a small touch sensor instead of a big button with which you can change the operation mechanism. It enables you to play the game or even play the whole game by itself if your hands are not free.

Go-Tcha has an auto-catch feature, which means you do not have to press any buttons for catching a Pokémon. You only have to enable this mode once you know you are going out.

It can catch Pokémon, collect various items from PokeStops all by itself while you are sitting in your meeting or exercising in a gym. It has a dim-light LED display and smaller vibration, which means you can wear it under your dress shirts, and nobody will be able to notice it.

It has relatively more straightforward animations than other wrist bands, informing the player what he/she should do next. It consists of a rechargeable battery, which is remarkable as it can last for more than three days. You can charge it by connecting it to a power source with the help of the USB cable that comes with the product.

  • The battery lasts up to 3 days
  • Features auto on/off mode
  • Prioritizes catching of Pokémon
  • Low visibility in sunlight
  • The charger is unique to this device (not micro USB)

Datel Pokémon Go-Tcha Ranger

This slender-looking classic black device is eye-catching. It is compact and provides additional functions. It comprises of a ring through, which you can use to hook it up onto your belt or with your car’s key.

If you cannot play and are out and about, then you just need to turn on auto-catch mode. It will now keep on catching Pokemons and collect items from PokeStops by itself.

Another remarkable feature of this accessory is that it comes with a 1200mAh battery, which will prolong your gaming sessions. This battery also helps you in charging your phone while you desperately need it with the help of a smartphone charge cable with an iPhone adaptor. It consists of a built-in Led light, which can be activated by holding on the button, which is on top of the unit. It also features animated graphics with an OLED display.

Datel Go-Tcha Ranger is perfectly compatible with iPhone and Android devices, with version 4.47.0 installed in them.

  • The built-in battery helps you in charging your phone
  • Keyring helps you hook it up with your key or belt
  • No need to press any button during auto mode
  • Expensive
  • Charger cables are short

Wrap Up

We have mentioned the top 5 accessories that complement Pokémon Go perfectly. All these accessories come with multiple features, trendy designs, and boasts high performance. Numerous players have tested these accessories, and they proved phenomenal in their performance. Now, it’s up to you to buy Pokémon Go accessories according to your choices and preferences.

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Hi! Thanks for the reply, soon we will post about every available GO Plus accessory that it’s available on the market.

I have had the Go-tcha and the Go-tcha evolve and they both work well. I am not fond of the low vibration on the evolve but I do like the usb charger. Contrary to that I like the strong vibration of the original Go-tcha but the charger is a major downfall.

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