Throwback Challenge Champion Event

This event starts:

Wednesday, 03-Jun-20 13:00:00 UTC

This event ends:

Monday, 08-Jun-20 13:00:00 UTC


Complete all four Timed Research lines, and you’ll earn access to the Throwback Challenge Champion 2020 Special Research! Join Professor Willow as you rediscover Pokémon initially found in the Unova region and meet Pokémon initially discovered in the Galar region as they make their Pokémon GO debut.

Complete all four sets of tasks in this Special Research to earn five Rare Candies; reward encounters with Galarian Meowth, Galarian Stunfisk, and Genesect; and Professor Willow’s glasses as an exclusive avatar item! Unlike the previous sets of Timed Research, this Special Research isn’t time-limited and can be unlocked and completed at any time.

Galarian Stunfisk will be making its Pokémon GO debut! Find it in the wild, in raids, and as a Throwback Challenge Champion 2020 Special Research reward encounter.

The following Pokémon will also be making their Pokémon GO debut and hatching from 7 km Eggs along with their usual forms: Galarian Meowth, Galarian Zigzagoon, Galarian Darumaka, and Galarian Stunfisk. You’ll also be able to evolve Galarian Meowth, Galarian Zigzagoon, and Galarian Darumaka into their Galarian evolved forms!

Pokémon originally discovered in the Unova region will be appearing more frequently in the wild.
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