How to level up fast in Pokemon GO? Learn the FastEXP Technique

Lately, I’ve been thinking about many ideas, and I came up with an interesting one to level up faster because I wanted to get level 40 on my second account without waiting too much time.

Introduction of “FastEXP”

This technique consists of adding players, sending them a gift, and whenever you reach level 1 friendship with them, remove the user from your friends, and repeat with someone else. Using this technique daily will acquire you about 3,200 EXP per friend, and 320,000 EXP per 100 friends.

Infographic of the steps you need to follow

You can use this infographic on your website / social network if you credit us.

From level 1 to level 40, how much time?

Using this technique will take you from level 1 about 66 days to reach level 40. That’s only by sending gifts, imagine catching pokemon and doing raids, even fewer days to level up!


This technique is a great way to level up, it can be a little time consuming, but overall it is a great way to reach level 39 to use WayFarer (which we will make a guide about it soon) and level 40 to submit PokeStop submissions.

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I have been using your site for some time to add friends but have noticed that the list has been empty for a few days. I hope everything is ok with you folks.

We moved of hosting and after some days it’s back working, thanks for using our site!

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